Amahewu (Mageu) RecipeBy ChefLuhAmahewu is a maize-based fermented food drink that has been a trusted source of energy in the Zulu culture for years.
Amagwinya/Vetkoek RecipeBy ChefLuhAmagwinya also known as "Vetkoek" is a delightful Zulu snack commonly enjoyed with cheese, polony, mince etc...
Utshwala besiZulu / Zulu Beer / Umqombothi RecipeBy ChefLuhNo Zulu ceremony is complete without the ceremonial passing around of ukhamba (Clay drinking pot). Zulu Beer is central to the social culture of the Zulu people. Zulu beer is an alcoholic beverage which is made from maize (corn), maize malt, sorghum malt, yeast and water.
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