Traditional Samp RecipeBy ChefLuhSamp is a staple dish amongst South Africans with many variations. However today we gonna be making the very basic version.
How to steam AmadumbeBy ChefLuhDid you know the actual scientific name for Amadumbe is "Colocasia esculenta"
iMfula Mfula RecipeBy ChefLuhMfula Mfula, also called "river river" in English, is a Zulu homemade alcoholic beverage made by the process of fermenting bread, oats, sugar, pineapple and other fruits.
Phuthu (Krummelpap) RecipeBy ChefLuhPhuthu or Uphuthu is a crumbly type of pap enjoyed greatly within the Zulu culture. Phuthu is often eaten with meat, curries, beans, sour milk(amasi).
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